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Visa Considerations for U.S. Private Industry Positions

Interested in U.S. private industry positions, but uncertain what your visa options may be?

Helen Diller HD-160 (Mission Bay)
H-1B Visa Orientation

All recent H-1B holders at UCSF are required to attend an H-1B orientation session.

Medical Sciences 163 (Parnassus Campus)
Resumes & Cover Letters for U.S. Industry Scientist Positions

Are you interested in applying for a position in the U.S. Industry Scientist position?

Hellen Diller HD - 160 (Mission Bay)
J-1 Visa Orientation

The J-1 Orientation will provide much useful information about being in the J-1 program, such as traveling during your program, employment and reimbursement policies, extending your program, and ot

Campus Library 221 & 222 – Parnassus Campus