J Visa Orientation Parnassus

Nursing 721
Parnassus Campus


Now that you are a part of the UCSF community, there are many things you will both need and want to know about being a J-1 Exchange Visitor at UCSF. The J-1 Orientation will provide much useful information about being in the J-1 program, such as traveling during your program, employment and reimbursement policies, extending your program, and other helpful information about living (and having FUN) in San Francisco and doing research at UCSF.

And of course, if you have any questions or concerns before the J-1 Orientation, you are invited to visit or phone our lovely Mission Bay office and speak with any of our advisers – we are ALWAYS happy to see you!

This event is held at 12 p.m. San Francisco time!

Location: Nursing 721, Parnassus Campus

Hosted by Matthew Loehrer, Adviser

Bring your passport and DS-2019