H-1B and UCSF

UCSF restricts H-1B sponsorship to full-time academic appointments in teaching, research, and clinical positions for which UCSF is the formal employer. UCSF (ISSO) submits an H-1B application on behalf of the employee and can request for a maximum of three years depending on the length of the academic appointment and funding confirmed by the department. In addition, U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) regulations require that UCSF meet or exceed a pre-determined minimum prevailing wage and that the employee be compensated with employment benefits equivalent to that of any other employee in the same position and level.

Please contact your department representative directly regarding H-1B sponsorship. Departments are responsible to determine the length of the appointment, gather all required information, and submit the H-1B request packet to ISSO. Please see “H-1B Processing Time.”