J-1 Amendment Request Requirement - 60 days into the future 

Due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions and consulate closures, many scholars have been unable to begin their J-1 programs on their scheduled start dates. In many cases, UCSF has amended records multiple times to accommodate repeated delays. In an effort to reduce re-processing and costly FedEx shipments, effective immediately, ISSO will require that Departments submit J-1 amendment requests with start dates that are at least two months into the future, unless the scholar demonstrates proof of a confirmed visa appointment before the 60-day period. If the scholar demonstrates proof of a confirmed visa appointment, the earliest ISSO can amend the start date to is two weeks beyond the visa appointment date. If a Department requires that a start date be amended prior to the 60 days without proof of a visa appointment, ISSO will apply the amendment recharge.

We hope that this policy will help to reduce processing redundancies, as well as help both international scholars and Departments to prepare more realistically for the beginning of a UCSF academic appointment. If you have any questions related to this policy, please email [email protected].