Updated: New Presidential Proclamation Impacting H-1B Employees

On June 22, 2020, President Trump issued a Presidential Proclamation barring the issuance and entry of H-1B visas by the US Department of State until 12/31/2020. Those employees who currently hold a valid H-1B visa stamp, currently in the US in H-1B status, or will change status to H-1B while in the US are not impacted by this action. This new action will go into effect at 12:01 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time on June 24, 2020. Our initial analysis indicates that very few UCSF H-1B holders will be affected as long as they remain in the United States.

This order does not impact those UCSF students or scholars in F or J status. Still it is important to note that a ban on direct travel to the US still exists for travelers coming from or through China, Iran, The Schengen Visa Area, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Brazil. Also, visa posts worldwide are still closed or experiencing lengthy delays in visa processing. You can find a list of all current travel restrictions on the ISSO COVID-19 Travel Restrictions page.

If you are new UCSF employee currently outside the US and without a valid H-1B visa stamp, you should contact your ISSO advisor to discuss further options and possible exceptions.

Updated: For a list of frequently asked questions and answers about this proclamation, please see our Presidential Proclamation of June 22, 2020 FAQs page. This page will be updated as more information about the proclamation is made available and new questions are asked.