USCIS Announces Increase in Premium Processing Fee - Effective Immediately

USCIS announced today that premium processing fees have increased from $1,440 to $2,500. The change is effective immediately and primarily impacts UCSF's H-1B population. To clarify, the fees moving forward are:

Type of Fee


Premium Processing Fee


H-1B Filing Fee


H-1B Anti-Fraud Fee (only for initials)


Next Steps

The ISSO will reach out to campus stakeholders to request the $2,500 filing fee check for H-1B and other employment-based petitions that have already been submitted to ISSO. For employment-based requests submitted moving forward, Departments will need to submit requests with the new $2,500 filing fee.

For case specific questions, please contact the following H-1B advisers:

  • Chris Flores for Specialist, Researcher, Faculty and all other non-postdoc appointments
  • Matthew Loehrer for Postdoctoral Scholar appointments