An excellent reference guide for all sorts of information about early childcare is The Best of the Bay Area for You and Your Child by Susan Waldman. You can find this at the local library.

The Parent and Parent's Press magazines and website are also great resources for finding fun things to do with the kids every month and provide a lot of useful information. You can find them in and around supermarkets, in public libraries, and at most places that cater to children. Best of all, they are free.

When a Baby is Born in the U.S.

To apply for an American passport for your newborn child, you will need the following documents:

  • Birth certificate of the child (request it immediately after the birth of the baby). The U.S. address is on the hospital document you receive after the delivery.
  • Social security number of the child
  • Identical pictures of the child
  • Passport application/Execution fees ($80 + $25)
  • ID or Passport of the mother or father
  • Application Form (from the post office)

Methods of payment:

  • Credit Cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) Debit/Check Cards
  • Checks (personal, certified, cashiers, Travelers), payable to the “U.S. Department of State”
  • Money orders (U.S. Postal, international, currency exchanges) and bank drafts, payable to the “U.S. Department of State.”

You and your child must apply in person at designated sites in San Francisco. For listings on where you can apply, please click here. It takes at least 4 to 6 weeks to receive the passport in the mail. For more updated information on required documents and fees, please visit the Department of State website.

Child Services

UCSF Child Care Referral Service
This service is open to all students, faculty and staff of UCSF. It will assist in locating day care, preschools, after-school and summer programs, and programs for children with special needs (bilingual or handicapped). Nanny and babysitter services are also available.

Enterprise For High School Students
Fl 6, 200 Pine St, San Francisco, CA 94104-2709
Bulletin board with ads of students in your zip code area available for babysitting, mothers' helpers, gardening, moving and more. Non-profit.No fee to agency.

Children's Council of San Francisco
445 Church Street (between 16th and 17th Streets)
San Francisco, CA 94114
For 30 years, the Children's Council of San Francisco has been working to improve the well being of children, parents, families, and child care providers, and to make affordable, high-quality child care a reality for all working families. Provides information and referrals on licensed family day-care homes and centers, cooperatives, and in-home care agencies. They also have listings for children's activities and support groups for parents.