Change of Status

If you are currently on a non-immigrant visa and you intend to apply for a change of status (COS) in the U.S. or by travel abroad to apply for the F-1 visa, please submit the following documents:

  1. UCSF Admission letter
  2. Confidential Financial Statement
  3. Financial support documents such as bank statements, UCSF or other organization award letters, or student loan award letters
  4. A copy of biographical page from passport
  5. A copy of your visa stamp in your passport
  6. A copy of your current I-20 or DS 2019
  7. A copy of your current I-94 Form

Please notify us whether you will change status by application (within USA) or by travel to your home country - this will determine which type of document we issue.

For more information on Change of Status by re-entering the U.S., please  visit F-1 Visa Application Checklist or J-1 Visa Application Checklist.

If you are going to apply for change of status in the U.S., please visit Change of Status from Other Visa Types

Please send documents as PDF attachments to [email protected].