Utilities and Furniture

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)
To acquire gas and electricity for your home, you will need to call the above service once you have a permanent home address. Gas and electricity service are billed together. Monthly payments may fluctuate between $12 and $75, depending on how much gas and electricity you use. A deposit billed over the first 3 months and refunded after one year will be required.

Water is usually paid for by the landlord, but if not, contact Water & Wastewater Resources at (415) 351-3399.

Garbage and Recycling
Most landlords also provide garbage service. Make sure to ask or there can be serious consequences if you fail to make payment to the garbage collectors.

Most people living in neighborhoods around the UCSF Parnassus campus use Recology Sunset Scavenger Company. For more information, please call (415) 330-1300 or visit Recology.

Furniture and Household Items

To save on expenses, many people choose to shop for used furniture and other household items on www.craigslist.org, garage sales, and second-hand stores.

Cort Furniture Rental
Furniture rental packages, including cookware, towels, linens, a TV and more. Specifically tailored to individuals in higher education, including UCSF students, scholars and faculty.

Garage Sales
Garage sales are a fun way to find used furniture, household items, and everything imaginable. At garage sales, people sell their used (and sometimes new) items in front of their house or apartment building at reasonably affordable prices. Oftentimes, depending on the seller, you can even bargain! Garage sales are most frequently held on Saturdays and Sundays. Heading out as early as 9 am gives you a better chance of purchasing the best items, although shopping in the afternoon when customer sales start declining might reward you with substantially discounted items. Sellers usually announce their garage sales by posting signs on telephone poles, by placing ads in the Sunday edition SF Chronicle newspaper or www.craiglist.org, and on UCSF bulletin boards.

Free Household Items
An internet group called Freecycle has a local San Francisco chapter. Membership is free. Freecycle posts household items that are being given away, and this is one option for locating household furniture and other items. The website is www.freecycle.org

Secondhand Furniture Stores

Thrift Town
2101 Mission Street
(415) 861-1132
This shop has a big selection. You can also check Goodwill.

St. Vincent de Paul Society
169 Stillman Street
(415) 861-1132
Used Clothing furniture and household goods

The Salvation Army
407 Ninth Street
(415) 503-3029
Used clothing, furniture and household goods