Minimum Financial Support

Primary Visa Holder

Per Month

Per Year

J-1 Scholar* $2,210 $26,520

Additional Funding Required for Dependents

Additional Per Month

Additional Per Year

J-2 Spouse +$625 +$7,500
J-2 Child +$350 per child +$4,200 per child

*Refer to UCOP website for minimum UC requirements for Postdoctoral Scholar titles

Funding Requirements

As required by the US Department of State, documents used to show funding must:

  1. Include the scholar's name
  2. Issued within the past 6-months
  3. Provided in English
  4. Include currency conversion, if not in U.S. dollars
  5. Issued on letterhead
  6. Signature

Funding Documents

Documentation of funding can include job offer letters, fellowship offer letters, bank letters, etc.

Unfortunately, ISSO cannot accept pay stubs as proof of funding.