Accessing Your UCSF Visa Documents Electronically

The US Department of State (DOS) and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) allow the Certificate of Eligibility for F visas (Form I-20) and J visas (Form DS-2019) to be signed and transmitted electronically.

Once the ISSO has processed your I-20 or DS-2019, your ISSO advisor will create a DocuSign envelope with your documents and apply the required signatures. The signed version of your visa document(s) will then be sent to you, your host department, and your UCSF HR representative (if applicable).

Receiving Your Visa Documents

Upon receiving your I-20 or DS-2019 and any secondary documents for your spouse or children, you must print out all of the documents and manually sign (with an ink pen) in the specified location on the form.

NOTE: The electronic version of your visa document in DocuSign cannot be used for any immigration purpose, such as applying for a visa stamp or entering the US. You must use a paper version of your visa documents for any visa application or travel.

For assistance accessing your visa documents in Docusign, please visit the Docusign webpage on this topic.

Requesting a Paper Version of Your Visa Documents

If you cannot receive the electronic version of your documents or you cannot print them, the ISSO can print your visa documents and mail them to you.

To get your documents mailed to you, you must request this service directly from the ISSO advisor who created your visa document (you can see the name of your advisor on the email from Docusign).

When you email your advisor to request a paper version of your visa document(s), please include: the address you would like your document mailed to and a phone number that the mail delivery service can use to contact you if needed.