Manuals & Forms (HR Access Only)

**Documents listed below are for UCSF's Human Resources (HR) representatives. International scholars are legally unable to submit these documents on HR's behalf.


Please scroll to the bottom of this webpage for a list of Recharge Fees.


International Scholar Dossier (ISD) Manuals

  1. ISD Manual for Scholars (contact HR administrator for ISD questions)
  2. ISD Manual for HR (contact ISSO Advisor for ISD questions)
  3. Differences Between J-1 and H-1B Requests in ISD


J-1 ISD Documents

  1. J-1 Processing Timeline
  2. ISD Frequently Asked Questions for HR
  3. J-1 Scholar information Request form
  4. J-1 ISD Attachments for Departments
  5. J-1 ISD Attachments for HR
  6. Helpful Attachments:


*J-1 PROCESSING TIME: UCSF faculty, department administrators and international scholars are required to check with their UCSF Human Resource Generalist to identify processing times for initial and extension J-1 requests.


H-1B ISD Documents

  1. H-1B Processing Timeline
  2. H-1B Petition Checklist for HR/Department
  3. H-1B Petition Checklist for Scholar
  4. Export Control Attestation
  5. H-1B Support Letter
  6. Actual Wage Memorandum
  7. Notice of Intent to File
  8. H-1B Addendum
  9. H-1B Information Request Form
  10. Memorandum of Agreement for Transfer within UCSF Departments



NOTE: All forms below are to be submitted by UCSF HR representatives ONLY.


B-1 Business Visa


J-1 and J-2 Forms


H-1B Request Forms


TN for Canadians and Mexicans


E-3 for Australians


Request for Outside Counsel


ISSO Recharge Fees (effective July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2019)

Visa Type


J1 Short-term


J1 Initial (1yr)


J1 2yr


J1 3-5yr


J1 Ext, Amendment, Other Changes (Short-Term)


J1 Ext, Amendment, Other Changes (1yr)


J1 Ext, Amendment, Other Changes (2yr)


J1 Ext, Amendment, Other Changes (3-5yr)




H1B Initial


H1B Ext, Amendment, Other Changes


E-3 Initial


E-3 Ext.


TN Letter


TN Application


O Outside Counsel


O Internal Ext.


PR Outside Counsel


B-1 Visitors, SOM Clinical Electives



*Recharge fees for J-1 and B-1 visitors can be paid by the principal investigator, scholar or from Department funds.

*Recharge fees for H-1B, TN, E-3, O-1 and PR can only be paid by the principal investigator or paid from Department funds. The recharge fees for these employment-based visas cannot be paid by the scholar.