ISSO Recharge Fees

Visa Type Rates

J1 Initial: 6 months or less


J1 Initial: 1yr (+6mo, less than 2yrs)


J1 Initial: 2yrs (less than 3yrs)


J1 Initial: 3yrs and up (max 5yrs)


J1 Extension/Amendment: 6 months or less


J1 Extension/Amendment: 1yr (+6mo, less than 2yrs)


J1 Extension/Amendment: 2yrs (less than 3yrs)


J1 Extension/Amendment: 3yrs and up (max 5 yrs)




H1B Initial


H1B Extension, Amendment, Other Changes


E-3 Initial


E-3 Extension


TN Letter


TN Application


O Outside Counsel


O Internal Extension


PR Outside Counsel


B-1 Visitors, SOM Clinical Electives


Amounts listed above are effective from July 1, 2019

*Recharge fees for J-1 and B-1 visitors can be paid by the principal investigator, scholar or from Department funds.

*Recharge fees for H-1B, TN, E-3, O-1 and PR can only be paid by the principal investigator or paid from Department funds. The recharge fees for these employment-based visas cannot be paid by the scholar.