Current Students and Scholars

Current Students

Current students are defined as those who are pursuing degree programs at UC San Francisco, enrolled in classes and registered full-time, or enrolled part-time as approved by the Office of the Registrar, or on filing fee.

Maintaining F-1 Status

Understand your obligations as an F-1 visa holder so that you don't accidentally violate your visa status and jeapordize your ability to use the F-1 visa benefits.

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Extending Your F-1 Status

Have you encountered unexpected delays with your research? Has something changed that requires you to stay at UCSF as a student longer than planned? Be sure to request an extension before the current end date on your I-20.

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Travel and Re-entry

Once your F-1 visa status has begun, be sure you understand which documents you need to travel with if you depart the U.S.

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Employment and Training

As an F-1 student you have a variety of options if you'd like to work on campus or off campus. The options available to you may have certain conditions, so be sure you know what these are before you work.

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Current Scholars

The majority of the scholars at UCSF are either under a H-1B or J-1 visa status. Please read on for more information pertaining to these specific visas.

Exchange Visitors (J-1 Visa Holders)

Travel and Re-entry in J-1 Visa Status

Reporting Changes to your Address

J-2 Dependent Work Authorization

Health Insurance Requirements for J-1 and J-2 Visa Holders


UCSF Employees (H-1B Visa Holders)

Maintaining and Extending your H-1B Visa Status

Travel and Re-entry in H-1B Visa Status

H-1B Export Control